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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)

(Partly translated)

In the Traditional Chinese medicine area, it is not hard to know how to use herbs for treatment, but hard to recognize the conditions for the use of the herbs (e.g. it is hard to diagnose). Again, it might not be hard to make a diagnosis, but hard to identify the Yin or Yang condition in the body. The Yin and Yang together develop into the Five elements. The Yin and Yang, the Five-elements are constantly under increase or decrease, consumption or supplication. Their changes can be largely variable. Any mistake or error during this course would cause a disease condition. How it could be easy to find reason(s) for a disease and how it could be easy to find the location/step the disease is? In Clinic, there are many situations in which the diagnosis is not clear, and it is hard to make a clear diagnosis. There could be evidence(s) suggesting this disease condition, but could be other evidence(s) suggesting some other disease condition. This is a quiet common experience for a doctor, no matter he is a Chinese medicine doctor or a western medicine doctor. If the diagnosis is not clear, how could we avoid the delay of the treatment and avoid not cause the death of a patient?


  Statement by the author

Yin and Yang concept

Qi and Blood concept

King Fire & Xiang Fire

True Dragon

Three Jiao concept

Five Yun concept

Qi-blood deficiency

Diagnosis of Yang deficiency

Diagnosis of Yin deficiency

Out-coming disease

Inner-damage disease

Diagnosis processes

  Outlines of six disease stages

Taiyang stage

Yangming stage

Shaoyang stage

Taiyin stage

Shaoyin stage

Jueyin stage

Yang deficiency

Questions to the Yang deficiency

Yin deficiency



















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