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Knowing floating Fire


Floating Fire is different from what you learned in the TCM text in which a Fire means a clinic condition with high fever, heavy sweat, pain, short of breath, or even loss of conscience (similar to acute infectious disease conditions).

Floating Fire we mention here means a clinic condition in which the true condition of the body is extreme Yang deficiency or extreme Yin overwhelming. Too much Yin in the body expels the Yang Qi out on the surface of the body. The patients feel, basically, cold in the body, willing to drink hot water, have frequent and clear urine or water-like diarrhea, loss interest to do things, dislike to talk or to meet people, etc. They may also feel hot flash from time to time or a continuous hot feeling. However, they may look as pink on face, or show pink or fresh red color on the tip of the tongue, or feel burning in the feet, or anus.  Such floating conditions suggest a very emergency condition to patient life that needs urgent treatment.

To solve such floating condition, it is recommended to use Si Ni Tang as the main herbal formula to supply more Yang Qi to the body.  The use of Cold herbs, such as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan to nourish the Yin Qi in the body, will only make thing worse.

So, remember that if you meet any clinic condition that triggers you to consider a Fire, make sure it is true Fire or a false Fire (the floating Fire). This is a life-associated issue!