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Mistakes in herbal therapy


There are some major mistakes in the TCM herbal therapy. The mistakes are still affecting the herbal therapies among TCM doctors in China. We point them out here for the aim not to let you repeat the same mistake.

(1). The herbs introduced in <<Shang Han Lun>> should be used in large dose

We have mentioned again and again in this website that <<Shang Han Lun>>, the book, is very much important in the history of TCM and it is the greatest manual in practice of TCM. Whereas the common mistake in use of the herbal formula of the book is that current TCM doctors use only one fifth of the amount of dose introduced in the book. One of the reasons for this result is that the weight unit has been changed many times from the history of China. Each dynasty has its own weight unit, different from previous. Finally, the same unit, say, one Liang in the time when the <<Shang Han Lun>> written (2000 years ago) should be 15.625 gram whereas one Liang in current time measures only 3 gram. In another words, doctors nowadays use one fifth of the dose to repeat the clinic effect of the Shang Han Lun. No strange they fail.

Realize this and we use the larger dose (the amount recommend in the Shang Han Lun), the clinic effects are much better. If you are TCM herbalist, you should know this difference. 

(2). Fuzi is not very toxic

Fuzi is one of the most important herbs used in Shang Han Pai (or called Jing Fang Pai). It works to improve the Yang Qi in the body so it is commonly used in Yin conditions. Fuzi is the side root of another herb, named Wu Tou, which is also a Yang herb. It has been indicated in one of famous herbal book, Ben Cao Gang Mu, that there will be big toxic reason is the Wu Tou is used together with other herbs, such as Ban Xia, Gua Lou, Bei Mu, Bai Ji, in the same formula. Since the Fuzi  and the Wu Tou is from the different part of a root of the same plant, it is believed that the Fuzi should not be used with these herbs either. This is wrong. Wu Tou might not be used with these herbs, but the Fuzi can.

This have been supported by various famous herbal formula used in history and even commonly used by some doctors in current times. In their experience, the co-use of Fuzi with these herbs did not show any side effect or toxic effect at all. Our own experience also support this conclusion.

(3). Xi Xing can be used in larger dose

Xi Xing is another Yang herb. It works to remove Cold from all meridians. It improves the function of other Yang herb, such as Fuzi, Mahuang, Guizhi, to warm body, and release pain. In the history and in the TCM textbook, you may learn that the amount of Xi Xing should not exceed 3 gram per day. This is wrong.

From our experience and others, the dose of Xi Xing can be used more than 15 gram or even more, especially if it is used to release pain in the legs or feet. The most important to use it is the correct diagnosis: the patient should be in a Yin condition.