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Acupuncture reference (4)


As an acupuncturist, you learned how to choose acupuncture points for treatment. You know how to choose the acupuncture points by the distribution of meridians, by Five-element plus Wei-Qi-Ying-Xue diagnosis, by Ba Hui Xue (Eight-Crossing points), by Jing-Xin-Shu-Jing-He principles. Here are some more choices: to choose the acupuncture points by experience. Some of the experience you may have heard before. For example, to choose Jianjing point for breast infection (abscess) or use Fuliu for dry mouth or extreme thirsty. The data are from old and famous book <<Tong You Zhi Yao Fu>>. It is originally in Chinese. Clinic experience tells us that it is indeed that some acupuncture points have relatively more specific healing effects for some clinic conditions.


<< Tong You Zhi Yao Fu>>


Taichong: for weakness in leg, knee, feet to walk;

Renzhong: for spine stiff and heavy pain;

Shenmen: for symptoms similar to dementia;

Fengfu: for neck stiffness due to cold;

Fengchi: for dizziness;

Tinghui: for deafness;

Hegu: for pain in eyes;

Yongquan: for bloating feeling in chest and jaundice;

Zanzhu: for heavy head with red eyes;

Quchi: for stiff in elbows;

Zhaohai: for heavy feeling in arms and legs;

Taixi: for toothache;

Chengjiang: for stiffness on neck;

Neiting: for bloating in stomach and for big belly;

Chengshan: for spasm in calf muscle; (with depletion technique)

Kunlong: for pain on ankles;

Yinshi: for pain in knees;

Houxi: for epilepsy or psychological disorders;

Jianshi: for malaria: hot-and-cold shifting feelings;

Qimen: for bloating feelings in chesk;

Laogong: for acid reflux, heart burning;

Dadun: for various hernia;

Zusanli: for chronic fatigue and loss of body weight;

Wangu: for jaundice;

Rangu: for depletion of Kidney problem (such as swelling, night urine, ear ringing, etc.)

Hangjian: for swelling in knees and eye disorders;

Chize: for pain in elbows;

Erjian: for blurring vision;

Yingxiang: for inability to smell;

Jianjing: for weakness in arms;

Sizhukong: for tough headache;

Lieque: for cough with cold phlegm;

Toulinti: for tearing;

Shenshu: for lower back pain;

Sanyinjiao: for discharge dead fetus;

Daling: for disorders in chest and heart;

Shousanli: for pain in shoulder and upper back;

Acupuncture points in Zuyangming meridian: for cold arthritis (due to weakness in Kidney system);

Acupuncture points in Zushaoyin meridian: for pain in stomach area, that is linked to pain in naval.

Zhongzhu: for pain between shoulders;

Yanglinquan: for pain under ribs;

Houxi: for pain on the top of head;

Weizhong: for pain in lower back and knees;