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Acupuncture reference (2)


<< Yulong Ge>>


Faji, Dingmen and Baihui acupuncture points: for stroke. Stroke with inability to speech is hard to treat.

Shangxing: for running nose, migraine with ache in eyes. First use supplying technique, that depleting technique to handle the needle;

Shengting: Migraine with nausea, blurring vision;

Yintang: for chronic irritable syndrome in child. It should be combined with the moxibustion.

Chengjiang (first), then Fengfu (second): For neck pain with inability to turn the neck, and for toothache;

Sizhukong to Shuigu: For migraine. (from Sizhukong through to the Shuigu)

Fengchi: for migraine with evidence of Phlegm accumulation;

Hegu: for migraine without evidence of Phlegm accumulation;

Dicang to Jiache:  for face muscle paralysis; (from Dichang penetrating to Jiache, depletion technique in opposite of the paralysis).

Yingxiang: for inability of nose to smell; (first supplying then depletion technique).

Yifeng: for deafness with pain in the ear; also for lymphatic enlargement in the neck area;

Tinghui: for deafness with pain, itch, and ringing in the eyes; If there is sign of acute infection (red color in the skin, pain, hot feeling, swelling in the ear), use depleting technique to manipulate the needle. 

Yameng: for temporal loss of voice; (be careful not to insert needle deep).

Zanzhu: for pain in between the eyebrows;

Zanzhu plus Touwei: for pain in between the eyebrows, together with blurring vision.

Jingming and Yuwei: for pain, swelling, red in eyes; dislike light and feel annoyed; (with bleeding technique acupuncture point of Taiyang is better);

Yinxiang: for red eyes, with evidence of Fire in Heart syndrome. (bleeding is better)

Renzhong: for acute pain in the back; (depleting technique)

Weizhong: for any trouble in the lower back;

Shenshu (with moxibustion): Lower back pain due to Kidney deficiency;

Huangtiao, Juliao (