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Acupuncture on Shi Men point

Dr. Pu Zhong-lu

It is said in the old TCM book that, though most acupuncture point can be used for needle stimulation, the point called Shi Men should not be needled, since it may make the women have no ability to have pregnancy. I don’t think that this comment is always correct. Followings are my experience.

Patient Yang, 33 years of old. Complain lower stomach pain due to exposure to cold weather and too tired. She has been given pain killer and other herbs but none works. She is sent to me next day. I saw she is with very painful face, very cold in hands and feet. Her pulse felt deep and thin, and her tongue is white and wet. I used acupuncture treatment using pints of Shi Men, Zu San Li, and Zhong Yuan. Her condition is gradually improved. Soon she can walk by herself home. The treatment has been repeated three days and the pain has completely disappeared.

Patient Chen, 20 years of old. Not married. She complain that her period come always earlier each month. The menstruation blood is small in volume and purple in color. She felt bloating and ache in lower stomach and lower back. It has been diagnosed as Painful menstruation and treated by various ways with conventional medicine, so she came for acupuncture treatment. When she came, her face and lips look red in color. Her tongue covering is little yellow in color and little dry. Her pulse felt deep and thin as a tight string. I tried acupuncture Shi Men, San Yin Jiao and Qi Men, all with depleting technique. The pain stop after hours. The treatment has been repeated for several days to maintain the healing effects. Follow up after one year verified that she has no any pain after the treatment.

A patient, the name is unknown, is a Tibet women. She want to have birth control with acupuncture. I used acupuncture since her period is on time every month and her over body condition is healthy too. I tried acupuncture point os Shi Men, Ci Liao, He Gu and Qi Hai, all with depletion manipulation. The acupuncture has been repeated before every period for three days. However, she has been diagnosed with pregnancy! The acupuncture failed to help her to prevent pregnancy, but it clearly indicated that acupuncture on Shi Men point is not enough to prevent pregnancy.

Patient Wang, a 33 years of old woman. When she came, she had no period for 50 days and been told that she is with pregnancy. She want to use acupuncture to stop the pregnancy. I have tried acupuncture on point of Shi Men, San Yin Jiao, He Gu and Ci Liao, all with depletion manipulation. Acupuncture has been repeated for five days and failed to cause delivery.

Patient Yu, 16 years of old. She has normal period. She complain very tired and has lower stomach pain. Her period this time is much in amount. Typical treatment by conventional medicine failed to release the symptoms so she came for acupuncture. She was given moxibustion on the point of She Men, Zu San Li, Bai Hui, Shen Shu. Her period bleeding reduced dramatically the same afternoon. After continuous treatment for seven days, the period finished completely. She returned to normal school life.

Based on the clinic experience above, my personal idea is that whether the point Shi Men can be used or not, whether acupuncture or moxibustion on it will reduce the ability of the women to pregnancy is not easy to tell. Each patient is different and no enough clinic data suggest that acupuncture on the She Men point will be an effective way to prevent pregnancy or cause baby delivery. On the other side, acupuncture on any point should be careful if the acupuncture may disturb the fetus living environment, not only means that it is more dangerous for this specific point.