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TCM Advanced Class


<<医宗金鉴>> <<伤寒论>>部分

<<Yi Zong Jin Jian>> Part I
<< Shanghan Lun >> Part

(Original version, order of disease stages)

  Explanation for the translation

Chapter 1, Taiyang stage (1)

Chapter 2, Taiyang stage (2)

Chapter 3, Taiyang stage (3)

Chapter 4, Yangming stage

Chapter 5, Shaoyang stage

Chapter 6, Taiyin stage

Chapter 7, Shaoyin stage

Chapter 8, Jueyin stage

Chapter 9, Co-exist and developed stage

  Chapter 10, Recurrence during recovery period

Chapter 11, Wrong-treated conditions

Chapter 12, Wenbing disease 

Chapter 13, Jing, Shi and Ye disease

Chapter 14, Huoluan disease

Chapter 15, Conditions for sweat therapy

Chapter 15, Conditions against sweat therapy

Chapter 15, Conditions for vomiting therapy

Chapter 15, Conditions for bowel-cleansing

Chapter 15, Conditions against bowel-cleansing


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