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Massage therapy




Massage is also a commonly used clinic therapy in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used for relax muscle, release stiffness of the joints, remove the pain, etc. Chinese massage is a big hand-on healing technique, which works for large various clinic condition, and for some time, it works even better than herbs or acupuncture. It needs fine perception of the body by the practitioner. Actually the technique we can see in the chiropractic, or the massages in North America can all be found more or less in the Chinese Massage.

Chinese massage specialist works on the muscle mass, tendons, and also acupuncture meridian (the energy flow channels), to remove the block that prevent vital life energy flow. They work by massaging, shaking, flicking, poking, fiddling, holding, pinching, pressing, etc. Usually it creates a  kind of "happy pain" to the clients.

Because it works on the energy flowing channels, massage works, like Chinese herbs and acupuncture, on the emotion level of the body too.

Find a Chinese Practitioner in your town and experience its fantastic effects!