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Yixue zhongzhong canxi lu


Author: Zhang Xichun (China)


(Partly translated)

Author introduction: Mr. Zhang Xichun (1860-1933) was born in Yanshan city, Hebei province, China. He is very famous TCM doctor in China. Due to his study hard, he could start clinic work when he was young. He could solve many hard cases and to save life for patient. He contributed lots in the development of Chinese medicine. He was called “the leader of TCM”. His book Yixue zhongzhong canxi lu is called “the first medical book that can be followed”, “the book a doctor must read it” and “a very valuable life-saving medical book”. At his time, this book was used by many medical schools in China as text book. Even now, it is still a valuable book for medical education, clinic reference, and research.



Chapter 1. 治阴虚劳热方(Yin deficiency condition)

Chapter 2. 治阳虚方 (Yang deficiency)

Chapter 3. 治大气下陷方(Big Qi-sink condition)

Chapter 4. 治喘息方 (Asthma)

Chapter 5. 治痰饮方 (Phlegm condition)

Chapter 6. 治肺病方 (Lung diseases)

Chapter 7. 治吐衄方 (Bleeding vomit and nose bleeding)

Chapter 8. 治心病方(Heart disease)

Chapter 9. 治癫狂方(Madness and craziness)

Chapter 10. 治痫风方(Epilepsy)

Chapter 11. 治小儿风证方(Child convulsion)

Chapter 12. 治内外中风方(Stroke syndrome)

Chapter 13. 治肢体痿废方 (Withered condition)

Chapter 14. 治膈食方(Food-block condition)

Chapter 15. 治呕吐方(Vomit)


  Chapter 16. 治霍乱方(Cholera)

Chapter 17. 治泄泻方(Diarrhea)

Chapter 18. 治痢方(Dysentery)

Chapter 19. 治燥结方(Constipation)

Chapter 20. 治消渴方(Very thirsty)

Chapter 21. 治癃闭方(Urine block)

Chapter 22. 治淋浊方(Stranguria)

Chapter 23 治伤寒方(Shanghan disease)

Chapter 24. 治温病方(Wen disease)

Chapter 25. Both Shanghan and Wen disease

Chapter 26. Infectious disease & Plague

Chapter 27. 治疟疾方(Malaria)

Chapter 28. 治气血郁滞肢体疼痛方(Pain)

Chapter 29. (Menstruation & Pregnancy)

Chapter 30. (Eye disorders)

(To be continued)


















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