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<<医宗金鉴>> <<金匮要略>>部分

<<Yi Zong Jin Jian>> Part II
<<Jin Kui Yao Lue>> Part

(Original version, order of various diseases)

  Chapter 1, Organs and meridians

Chapter 2, Jing, Shi and Ye diseases

Chapter 3, Baihe, Huhuo, Yindu and Yangdu

Chapter 4, Nue disease

Chapter 5, Zhongfeng and Lijie disease

Chapter 6, Xuebi and Exhausting condition

Chapter 7, Feiwei, Feiyong, cough

Chapter 8, Bentunqi and pulpitation

Chapter 9, Xiongbi, Chest pain

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  Chapter 10, Stomach pain, Shan, Hosting food

Chapter 11, Wind- and Cold-invasion in organs

Chapter 12, Scaring, Bleeding, Fullness, Blood stagnation

Chapter 13, Water-accumulation, cough

Chapter 14, Thirsty and hard urine

Chapter 15, Water diseases

Chapter 16, Jaundice diseases

Chapter 17, Nausea, Vomit and Diarrhea

Chapter 18, Abscess and Ulcer

Chapter 19, Spasm, Hernia and Worm disease

Chapter 20, Disorders in pregnancy

Chapter 21, Disorders after baby delivery

Chapter 22, Various diseases in woman










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